Honda EG-6 - Just something I did for a friend. With a picture of my friend's Honda Civic EG-6, I used Photoshop alone, drew out and coloured the car.
In Process - Still Rendering.... Taking my bloody time. HAH!
New Jeep - Got lazy doing the previous drawing... so i did a new one, with a more aggressive front.
Marker Rendered - A quick blend of markers...
Cross over 4x4 - A quick sketch of a cross-over vehicle with pen. I may colour it in future. ;)
2 door coupe - A 5min Sketch to practice my front styling.
2 door SUV - Another 5 min sketch of an suv with an agressive front
Mini Cooper - A quick sketch of a mini cooper just to kill time. I personally like the rims i added.
Agressive front "Alfa Romeo" coupe. - The overall form was originally inspired from the Alfa 8C Competizione. then i gave a more edgey form and gave a crazy kit.
Alfa Supercar - Inspired by the alfa 8C Competizione.
Car Drawings
Nigel Chen
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