Police - Another drawing scanned in and coloured in photoshop.
Wolverine - A 5 min drawing ofthe old Wolverine
Spartan - I drew this during class... The lecture was kinda boring...
Spartan Coloured - I just had to colour him... well... just a quick job with copic markers.
Southern Cross Station roof - This was a life out door drawing of Southern Cross Station in Melbourne.
surf - Just a drawing done in by hand and coloured in photoshop in under an hour.
Gal - A drawing done by hand and coloured in photoshop.
Lady - Another one done in photoshop... Rendered within 20min.
Mecha 1 - Sumthing i came up with during work... I was really bored...
Mecha 2 - Sumthing a little bit more Bio-morphic
Solid Snake... - Metal Gear crazy i am!!
Ironman - Angel Armour - Since the movie is coming soon, thought i just mix a little jap flair to it.
Ironman & Missus - Just sumthing tongue and cheek
Ironman - Trying my hand at speed painting
Ironman - Trying my hand at speed painting
Ironman VS The Incredible Hulk - Round 1... FIGHT!!
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