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Untappd is a fun, mobile-based social network for beer enthusiasts. It uses the Foursquare API to allow users to check-in, upload photos and share information with their beer-loving friends.
My assignment was to create a set of icon badges that will encourage users to want to collect and share their Untappd achievements with their friends. The badges have fun, tongue-in-cheek titles like Hair of the Dog, Night Out, The Usual. I designed and illustrated the original 50 icons in the set, to great success.

Badges have become promotional vehicles for craft brewers, pubs, companies and festivals. At one year, Untappd reached 100,000 registered users, 150,000+ uploaded photos and over 4 million check-ins.

As of February 2013, it has grown to 400,000 users and 21+ million check-ins. To this day, it continues to grow and expand.
You don't get this assignment every day. The regional Hawaiian Islands Pizza Hut stores wanted to promote their newly updated online ordering system on their pizza boxes. Oh, and while you're there, let's promote that they had a wider menu with pasta and salads, too. So, we needed a simple design that would print well on cardboard and had that local island feel to it.

I designed the box with a set of simple, linear icons to help communicate their new message.
Fusion Studio is an app that helps you digitally blend and mix existing pieces of music, all on your iOS devices. The client originally approached me about designing a logo for his development company. From there, the app logo was created and followed suit with a set of custom icons for the app directory. He was inspired by my 300 Random Icons project and wanted to see icons that fit that more illustrative style, rather than the very common linear approach seen on many App Store apps.
The ESRI Landsat app allows you to navigate the world with Landsat satellite imagery. Landsat takes images of the planet to reveal its secrets, from volcanic activity to urban sprawl.

Landsat sees things on the electromagnetic spectrum, including what's invisible to the human eye. Different spectral bands yield insight about our precious and continually changing Earth.
Over the past 43 years, Landsat has amassed over a petabyte of data, with over 4 million scenes and counting. It takes images of every location on earth every 16 days. You can explore historic images to see how places change over time.

The icons and the web app built for this project were put together in a week, as the team was notified that the images would be available via an Amazon S3 server for the public to view, with very little lead time. I was responsible for the icon design.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty cool.
These are a sampling of icons from a personal design challenge I did in 2012. The goal was to create and design 300 random icon concepts within the calendar year. You can check it out at http://300randomicons.leightonhubbell.com
Initially started as a presentation set, this forestry collection turned out to be a very effective sales tool for assembling comprehensive business proposals for ESRI ArcGIS Pro software. 60+ icons visually representing growth cycles, machinery, processing, transport, and species designation. Each is at least two colors and has a outlined buffer to help with visibility at smaller sizes.
This project was brought to me as a packaging redesign for the 3-In-One division of WD-40 brands, by their agency, O'Leary and Partners. Part of the reason for my involvement was for my icon design expertise. To help illustrate what each of these lubricants does, I designed a pair of product uses in the appearance of bearings, tools, hardware, and engines – for example. Each product got its own color combination to work with and the familiar 3-in-One badge at the top of the can.

A full set of icons were created for the line, with the flexibility of extending the product range even further.
I was approached by Streamline Cabinets to help with building an online ordering experience for cabinet installers and contractors. My task was taking the current set of CAD-based line drawings of the modular cabinet pieces and building them as an icon set for the software. From reviewing their set, my initial impressions were to try and build something that was easy to understand visually, and also easier to work with from a UI designer's standpoint.

Simple and modular.

The icon set built previously was random sizes, badly drawn and extremely inconsistent in style and appearance. My solution for the new set was to create a system that once built, it would be easy to render and potentially add to – if needed. This made it easy for the user to understand what cabinets they were viewing and how to build their kitchen or storage rooms.
This assignment was a redesign of an icon system for Motorola's Jitterbug phone. Rebranded as Great Call, it was targeted primarily for seniors with functions like medication reminders, live nurse access, wellness and basic texting. These icons would eventually appear throughout the website and on promotional and print materials.
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