Problem Space: Throughout the past years I have come across many people who have expressed an interest in eating healthier as an item on their bucket list, especially with the rise of junk food. Many of my friends have considered exchanging their actual meal ingredients to healthier options, yet due to challenges that they have encountered such as difficulty in finding where to order the ingredients and wondering how expensive the new lifestyle would be, they have given up. I believe that it is possible for everyone to have a better control on their diet and just need to have access to the right tools to kick-start. Market research The first step I considered was the competition I was going to face on the market. For my research I decided to prioritize apps that take in consideration beginners and less expensive options.
Minimum Viable Product(MVP): I started getting a good picture of what my app should be defined as. I had gathered key elements to focus on from my personas and minimum viable product (MVP) objective. The MVP should be composed mostly of the features that reaches out to what my user reaseach has concluded.
MVP Objective: To offer to users the options needed to be more in control of their diet at an affordable rate. MVP needs: 1) When using this app, I would like to be able to make a profile to save my favorite meals and recommended ingredients. 2) I want to see useful informations about how to re-use leftovers so that I can educate myself on how to stop wasting food. 3) when I have an ingredient that I can not eat or afford I would like the app to offer suggestions about different options. 4) I would like to find the nearest stores where I can find the ingredients I need for a recipe 5) I would like to have suggestions from other users on how to improve a recipe

Project Overview
The enviroment has been a heavy subject of discussions in the past years and it has led people to re-think their lifestyle, including their diet. Since more and more people have been chosing healthier options, it seems like being vegan or close to vegan has been in the mind of good amount of the population.

To address this situation, VegetAll was designed to take into consideration the user's diet choices to provide the most compatible, simple and personalized meals.

Leila Kilani
UX/UI Designer Nagoya, Japan