Bow Wow Album Cover (Sony Music) - Complex retouching and compositing of image, digital illustration of elements, skin work and clothing logo and wrinkle removal
Red Eye - Beauty Image for Ralph Siciliano. Skin retouching, subtle shaping, color correction, background knock-out.
Undressed to Thrill (Blue Magazine) - Skin and fashion retouching, color correction, model composited onto illustrated background for Rob Mendolia
Natura Bisse Diamond - Extensive product retouching
Akris - Product retouching and compositing
Fashion Retouching - Fashion retouching, skin & color
Neiman Marcus - Fashion & product retouching, skin & color
Neiman Marcus - Fashion & product retouching, skin & color
Fashion Retouching - Fashion retouching, skin & color, background extension
Winter Project - Photography, fashion retouching, compositing, digital illustration, color correction
Bound to Everything (And+Men Magazine) - Fashion retouching of image, including compositing, skin work, and creative creation of "look" with photographer Robert Mendolia
Bound to Each Other (And+Men Magazine) - Fashion retouching, skin, creation of "look," compositing for Rob Mendolia
DEA Key Art (Spike TV) - Extensive compositing, color correction, look & feel creation and creative illustration with very high-resolution artwork for billboards and display advertising.
Fuel Album Art (Sony Music) - Digital illustration and compositing
Nas Promo Art (Sony Music) - Skin retouching and color
Jimmy Neutron (Nickelodeon) - Compositing, illustration and color-correction from CGI elements
Leo Ferguson
Hi-End Photo Retouching & Print Production New York, NY