Panel Curtains - Two series of 12 panel curtains --- graduation project --- Panels are usable as flexible room dividing elements --- Each panel is double faced with digital print and white coating --- Height is 12'/3,60m --- Useable for both private lofts and public space --- Innovative printing method was used on pre-dyed fabrics to express strong materiality for large spaces
Light Spots - Fabric Collection - Light Spots is a textile collection for interiors --- Digital and Screenprinting techniques are combined to create special light-effects --- fabrics range from translucent to linnen based opaque qualities
Add Color - Custom Printed Carpets - Series of tufted carpet designs --- custom printed for Contract and Store Interiors --- for FILO Carpet, Germany
Ebru - Silks - "Ebru" means "body of the water --- the lightness and elegance of this ottoman philosophy on marbling is expressed in delicate silks --- This work was about transforming the depth of traditional Turkish paper "Ebru" into contemporary fashion fabrics
Woodlines - Interior decoration piece - Screenprinted stretcher frame for interior --- subtle tones of beige and white enrich the individuality of the interior --- Wavy figure lines of the print refer to the water surface outside --- the decoration piece changes its looks from every angle and with light changing during daylight --- textile materiality is expressed to enrich the atmosphere of the interior
Bosporus - printed Fabric - Screenprint with 5 colors --- playful hommage to the beautiful Bosporus in Istanbul with all its vivacious harbor business --- usable as interior fabric for example children's rooms curtains
Dragonskin - Silks - Screenprinted Silks--- through experiments with various chemicals applied on silk I came across this stunning 3D effect --- still light but very voluminous those silks made great fabrics for stage costumes --- crinkling effect and pre-dyed color radiant express reflect the beauty of materials from nature --- like a dragonskin
Textile Print Projects
Leonie Wunderlich
Graduate Textile designer Long Island City, NY