"Feathers" - A linnen collection - Linnen fabrics for the Belgian manufacturer Nelen&Delbeke --- classical upholstery and curtain fabrics for interior and contract use --- material combination on linnen base result in improved fabric features --- Patterns from feather theme point out the natural elegance of linnen
Iznik - Upholstery Fabrics - A colorful series of upholstery fabrics --- woven on dobby looms --- effect yarns refer to the opulence of ottoman textile traditions --- color scheme is developed after Izniks, elegant Turkish Tiles
Wires - Gauze - Why not weave wires into elegant gauze --- Experimental weaving --- expresses technoid esthetics --- stands for a multipart series of experimental weavings on a gauze loom --- a poetic subtle silver colored piece for a sophisticated interior
Coverings for the Grand Piano - Fabrics for Grand Piano Coverings --- designed for Piano manufacturer Rud.Ibach, Germany --- Woven and embroidered patterns of a human ear create humorous and elegant surfaces --- motives float as playful and rich in color as classical music does
Scarfs - Woven scarfs for men and women --- for a German manufacturer --- dobby loom designs --- eco-friendly product made from leftover wools and selvedges
Jacquard Weaving - Delicate handwoven jacquard fabric with metal yarns --- this one stands for a huge series of experimental woven creations on the hand driven jacquard loom
Cushion Collection - Series of industrial woven fabrics for cushions --- cushion prototypes --- geared towards a male clientele
Weave designs
Leonie Wunderlich
Graduate Textile designer Long Island City, NY