Singapore Night Riders 1001
Visual Cube logo - Associate colour -Brilliant highly choma red -lively yellow -active green -Sky blue soft violet Colour Scheme -warm/cool colour
World Chinese Entrepreneurs Covention - WEC logo Associate colour -Passion/professional gray -Spatial strong black Colour Scheme -Achromatic Brief - A logo design for World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention compition.
IPAD - For fun IPAD media logo Associate colour -Spacious Blue -Professional Black -Pure white Colour Scheme -Cool
NDP 2011 Logo Design - “Majulah! The Singapore Spirit” - National Day Parade [NDP] is an event that is organized in Singapore. As it is named, it is a march past event on Singapore's National Day celebrated on August 9 yearly. It is to commemorate Singapore’s self-government attained in the year 1965.
Logo Design
Leon Yeo
Visual Communication Singapore, Singapore