Sun Kissed Harvest collection
Hand-painted floral.
Hand-painted trees.
Rhapsody of Reds collection
Maple Skies collection
Botanical Beauty collection
Homefront collection
Holiday Elegance collection
Matsuri collection - Cotton Lawn
Soaked collection
Big Sky Lodge collection - Flannel
Pearadise collection
Smooth Sailing collection
Symphony of Blues collection
Wild One's collection - Flannel
Folk Heart collection
Montecito collection
Just Desserts collection
Peppermint Forest collection
Peppermint Forest - Woodland Fairytale
Whirlwind Romance Blush collection
Whirlwind Romance Whisper collection
Love My Honey collection
Around Town collection
Technicolor Tidings collection
Bookish collection
Birchtree Lane - Day Dream - Meadow
Parlor Pets collection
Homegrown - Vegetable Garden
My Little Farm Collection
Bits & Bobbins collection
Bits & Bobbins - Notions - Marine
Mastermind collection
Fabrics designed for Connecting Threads
Jenni Calo
Textile Designer New York, NY