El Escondite Tea Set

A personal tea set inspired by the game of hide-and-seek. Since this project was designed during my year abroad at IED Madrid in Spain, the name comes from the Spanish version of the game (el escondite).

The concept of hide and seek is expressed through a design in which the teacup can be "hidden" under the teapot itself. In addition to being a practical space-saver when it comes to storing your tea set, this product adds a playful touch to your morning cup of tea. Just imagine your guests' pleasant surprise when they discover a hidden teacup under the teapot!

The teapot's thick ceramic body eliminates the need for a traditional handle, encouraging a closer user-product relationship and suggesting a new way to hold a teapot. The cork lid and base offer natural insulation and protection for countertops and surfaces.

El Escondite was featured on Industrial Design Served.

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Leslie Montes
Product Designer Mountain View, CA