I'm currently approaching the end of a Masters degree in product design at Sheffield Hallam University. During my time here I've had the chance to work for and present to clients such as Ideal Standard and Gillette. Aswell as working along side the world renowned Royal Society of Arts on its design and rehabilitation project. As a design student I've started to concentrate on not just designing beautiful products, but creating a beautiful experience. I try to ask myself what are the social and cultural impacts of my design? Is it going to destroy our planet or fill our landfills? And most importantly, can the user create an emotional bond with the product and experiences so both can last longer? I aim to challenge the norm, ask why? not what? going into a project with open eyes means I can design something which has meaning and purpose to the user on multiple levels. I believe simple design is beautiful. Along side my experience in university, I have 8 months experience at a established design consultancy within Sheffield, where I learnt more about how design works as a business as well as honing my design and critique skills. I also try expand my own skills by offering my graphic design skills to small, local, businesses. I believe designers need to be multi-displinary, so why not help others out in the process of learning? If you want to find out more about how I work or my skills in certain areas, feel free to email me.


Shortlisted to present at Ideal Standard UK headquarters

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