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poster for a culture centre - opening party at West Balkan.
(the logo is also my work)
poster for a culture centre - poster for an exhibition at West Balkan.
(logo is also my work)
experimental typography - playing with letters and image.
democratica - advertisement for the font "democratica" (Emigre)
janson - typography: Janson
CD cover (classical typography) - See the math under a simple CD cover! Grids and guides + the final product.
Modart fashion school - An advertisement for a french-hungarian fashion school called Modart.
android empire website - My diploma work. Website, vinyl covers, logo and merchandising for an imagined record label.
android empire (vinyl cover, t-shirt, etc) - My diploma work.
Presentation PDF about the whole project.
(android empire is an imagined record label)
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illustration - cuuute!
logo (theatre) - logo for a theatre in Paris, which has a rounded shape.
illustration - the text says "it's not my fault"
logo (lingerie) - logo for a lingerie. feminine and elegant.
cd cover2 - Mini Cd with double cover.
cd cover1 - this was a school work. The task was to create something personal. As I "work" as a DJ, my choice was to create a cover for my own mix.
School works
Toth Julia
graphic designer Rotterdam, Netherlands