Doolan Design - Mini Portfolio of work completed over the past couple of years
Contents Page - Project 1 - VU reading light for adult's with dyslexia Project 2 - Vodafone - promotional give away phone holder Project 3 - memGRAB - 360º 3D camera CV and Work Experience
Reading Light for adults with dyslexia - The light uses LED technology to alter the background colour of the page to make the text appear clearer and improve the experience of reading for adults with dyslexia. The main focus was to reduce the 'embarrassment factor' amongst adults with dyslexia to use reading aids, as the current range of products are aimed towards kids.
Reading light for adults with dyslexia - The reading function works as shown above, by the arm pulling out and put over the reading material, with the desired colour chosen that helps the user most effectively. A USP is that the light colour can be mixed to suit any user preference therefore is completely personal to each individual user. This is vital as each user will respond differently to a certain colour, with the ability to mix any colour they are able to select which one works most effectively.
Vodafone - Promotional give away phone holder - A project that required designing for mass manufacture incorporating branding and size ready for injection moulding. This design was a 2-part moulding that has several inserts to create the hinge part so that they could clip together.
Vodafone - Promotional give away phone holder - The images above highlight the mould block ready for injection moulding along with inserts. The top image shows how a single one would be created (this was manufactured in the workshops and tested). Further development shows how multiple widgets would be manufactured to save time and cost if it were to be mass manufactured.
memGRAB - 360º 3D camera - A 360º 3D camera - a portable device that allows the user to capture a moment in time by recording a 360º picture, GPS location and sound which is all instantly uploaded to the users' online space.
memGRAB - 360º 3D camera - -TWIST the bottom to turn on the camera -SQUEEZE the gel pad to 'capture the moment' -EXPERIENCE the memory via your online space, which shows your location, the interactive 360º image and the music playing at the time.
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Portfolio 2011
Liam Doolan
Director Northampton, United Kingdom