The reading light has a main aim to tackle the embarrassment factor amongst adults with Dyslexia using reading aids. The light aims to be a centre piece of furniture that users ‘want’ to own and use whilst also having a key underlying function as a reading light.
Background: Most of the products available to people with dyslexia to aid with reading are targeted at children, whereas after the age of 16+ there are no appropriate products for the adult market, despite dyslexia still being a prominent problem. Therefore this is a product that users would want on show in their home and would want to use, encouraging reading amongst adults with dyslexia, whether it is a bill or a book.
The light works by using RGB LED technology to alter the background colour of the page, which improves the reading experience for sufferers of dyslexia by reducing the dramatic difference of black text on a white background, working in a similar way to colour overlays.
As each user will respond better to different colours, there is a remote control mixing the RGB LEDs, this makes it possible to mix any colour to suit the users’ needs making it 100% personal, with the colour being saved into the system for future use. In essence, for example one user commented that after the white background was altered to blue it meant the gaps in between the words were no longer as big and the words appeared clearer making it easier to read.
The light also provides mood lighting which creates a relaxing atmosphere whilst reading, therefore the experience that was one of frustration is now connected more to a calming environment. This mood lighting can also be set whilst it is not being used for reading purposes to make a great focal light point for a room and improving the ambience of the room.
The light is manufactured using a combination of bamboo and frosted acrylic based around a steel frame. There is also a bearing allowing for a smooth 360º rotation of the light. The arm is held in place with an adjustable torque hinge, which means it can be pulled to any angle by the user and it will stay in place.
Reading Light for Adults with Dyslexia
Liam Doolan
Director Northampton, United Kingdom