Baron Residence: Simple State of Life

Undecorated State of an already being lived-in finished project.

(Client and I shall be decorating and sprucing this 3 bedroom unit around middle of August, I am too excited so I'm posting these in advance!)

By the way, this is located at Baron 3 Residences in A.Mabini, San Juan.
Turned over completely bare, as in NAKED! No outlets, wires, ceiling, floor etc. so starting from scratch,
The client took the opportunity to have this feng shuied by Charlie Chow.
I worked around the spatial restriction of the feng shui, requests of not having WOOD elements present, and a consderation that my clients are a family of 6-footers (super tall!!), I and April Molino (my former intern --not a 6 footer) had to re-imagine the comfort they need, and in the process, we mastered designing for beautiful tall elves (LOTR), not yet for Hobbits. :)

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Lianne Lim
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