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Brad Pitt
Steve Buscemi
Liam Neeson - Caricature of the famous actor Liam Neeson
Angela Merkel
Elton John
Chazz Palminteri
Luis Rodriguez Zapatero - Caricature of the Government president of Spain
Dr. House - Caricature of the great engish actor Hugh Laurie
Juanjo Puigcorbe - It's a caricature of a famous catalan actor that I brought to a contest
Robert de Niro - Caricature of Robert d Niro
Nicolas Cage - Caricature of Nicolas Cage
Rubalcaba - Caricture of the interior minister (Spanish Government)
Jose Blanco - Cricature of José Blanco (Spanish politician)
Carlos Baute - Caricature of Carlos Baute, a famous singer
Charles Bronson
Danny Glover
John C. Reily
Kurt Russell
Owen Wilson
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Liviu Otanceala
Illustrator and designer Barcelona, Spain