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AcrilicGhost Chair - 2007 - A modern version of a Empire style chair.
Lightness and personality are the main features of this chair.
chair - 2007
Blox Hotplate - 2007 - Eight metal pieces connected by a frame make this modular hotplate.
Besides practical and functional, the plasticity of the metal gives Blox playful and poetic forms, transforming an everyday object into a luxury object.
LG Picasso Concept - 2007 - This is a concept mobile phone, its shape is based on the art movement Cubism.
As Picasso's paintings, this object plays with its perspective.
Coffee table Tri - 2007 - Incredible simple, this coffee table is made of only three pieces, no glue, no screw...
Easy to mount and easy mobility.
Minimalist, sustainable and beautiful.

College projects

Lie Manuela Silveira
Creative Director and owner at Liê - handmade jewelry Joinville, Brazil