Growth Mindset Virtual Space video tour

I love what I do—designing spaces to create an experience. Since Covid-19 halted the trade show industry, I've been indefinitely laid off since early June. When times change, so will I!

Link to virtual space you can interact with on your own.
If you have 3D goggles and your phone please check it out with those, too!

Framing challenges through a growth mindset helps as I delve into learning how to create a virtual exhibit. As I was sketching out the rough ideas I thought, why limit a virtual exhibit to a physical replica of a tangible exhibit we are used to? I'm using this opportunity to push the boundaries and create spaces with real character, without budgets, gravity and the expected holding us back.

Growth mindset ended up being the overriding feature of the booth but we all need a balance of work and play, right? So have a jalapeno margarita at the Birdhouse Bar and write a comment to let me know what you think.

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Freelance, Full-time
Stacy Zurawski
Virtual Space Tinkerer Woodridge, IL