Here is a new proposed look for the new edition of Fairie Pocket Dolls, now called a Mermie. She has new eyes and wears a soft pliable mermie tail. Contrast her with the first Mermaid Fairykin doll from the first edition.
Mermaid Fairykin Spec Sheet - one of close to 32 designs of FairyKin characters
Iterations of wings and color combination study
Designed new outfits, hair styles for both Fairykins and their tiny steeds! Created for Lanard Toys Fairykin Ponies have the same star sparkle in their eyes as their riders. And their little saddles are snapfits to the Fairykin bodies. The saddles have interchangeable snapin wings or stirrups. The Saddles feature the same lovely motif as the earlier silver spoon for continuity.
This is the start of a new line "TeaTime with Me!" where children could have teatime with their Fairykin; I designed a childsize teacup, spoon and saucer and reused existing tooling from another older doll line. This was an approach towards a playset and table top fun with some childsize product soon to come, the SnowCone and Ice Cream Cone sets.
Tabletop Teatime Play Sets - Generation 4 Fairykins, created to provide new tabletop play fun. Designed Food Safe PVC cups and cones, as well as the new hair, face and costumes of dolls, along with styling product for Photography
Fancy Nancy Doll 18" Finished Product - Created original sculpt for tooling Face based on original illustrations of Fancy Nancy's book illustrator and artist, Robin Glasser.
Finished 5" Resin Cast Fancy Nancy and Dog. Both had articulated necks and limbs.
Disney Doll & Hair Concept Drawings - Concept stages for a series of dolls based on my sculptured doll head. Several versions were envisioned. Face & Hair concepts designs created in Photoshop
Wild Wow series of fun play for our 4" Wow Doll which is 4" tall and bendable. Fully rooted head. Costume Design for Tiny Doll Tiger Tamer
Concept Drawing for Wow Girl 4" Doll line and proposed accessories New fashion requiring little sewing and redirecting use of existing accessory tooling
Wow Concept and Design Concept.
4" Doll with Vehicles & Accessories - Refresh of existing 4" Jointed doll line with new colors, added fabric accessories and decorator cars.
I-Girls love animals too. Here is an Equestrian outfit for one of the dolls I helped design. The Horse was part of my design and direction as well. Fashion, hair, color treatment all my callouts as well as styling for a quick shot!
I-Girl on her Bike (borrowed from the Action Adventure 12" Male action figures and colored to coordinate with a more feminine rider and her sport clothing.
Rare find of the clothing I designed for the Artic Snow Mobile !-Gril Play Set. This doll came with a helmet, snow mobile, matching gloves, knit cap, hairbrush and another set for Snow Boarding has a snowboard, goggles and a snow search dog! Many items of course, were borrowed from the Boys Action Figure line. Us girls always know how to make do!!!
An exciting new development of a 12" Anime Doll - more to be announced as her future introduction is pending
Actually These are 60" tall. Created the 5' pattern, cut, sewed, stuffed and airbrushed the faces for this unique dolls. They helped put me through some college earlier in my life.
DOLL DESIGN 2" to 18"

Prototype for eye and face paint presentation for Robin Glasser

Hollow Resin Casting Hand Painted created from my clay sculpt

Freelance, Full-time
Linda Snyder