Real Estate Promotional Brochures - Provided all art concepts, layouts and mechanical production.
Williamsburg -Aldik Collection Brochure Pages - Licensed Permanent Botanicals & Holiday Ornament Line for Williamsburg
Williamsburg - Symbol of Hospitality - 2-Page spread
Mixed Fruit Product 2-Page spread - Provided Art Direction and Layout Design Made photo selections. Objective: Integrate product shots from several sites into 2-page spreads. Created all masks and production work.
Text, Index Page Layouts
Fountain Boat Marketing & Advertisement Campaigns - Montage of National ad campaigns with supportive catalogs and merchandise. Provided Design Concepts for optimum Branding benefits for client. Selected all photos for use. Handled all preprint production. Styled clothing & product for Photo Sessions. Attended all press checks.
Chaparral Boat Marketing & Advertisement Campaigns - Montage of Marketing Materials & national advertisements. Objective: develop brand recognition with memorable graphic design. Responsible for: Art direction and production, Placed ads, attended press checks. Product styling of clothing catalog.
University Publications - Created concepts, logo design, illustration and all mechanicals for printing of wide range of materials. Logos: Student Orientation, Student Organization (footprint)
Logo Design & Promotional Materials
Concept Layout for Candle Manufacturer - Back Cover or inside Cover Concept
Logo Design for solar powered figurines created as a novelty toy for use in home, office or dash of your vehicle.
Logo design I created for an original line of Little Girls interchangeable toy jewelry. Please review my concept art and the following sculpts which I directed unique and innovation toy category
Newsletter Masthead Design & printed version
Clamshell Packaging Concept
PaperGoods Designs - Design and creation of Paper Goods created for "added value" items to fill out play sets for toy horses. Tackle Box and Saddle Blankets Includes patterns for manufacturing

University Printed Publications Poster

Provided design concept and original art.

Created all design concept and airbrushed are using watercolor with an Iwata HP airbrush

Freelance, Full-time
Linda Snyder