Sir Ellery meets the Grumpuss ( Illustration Concept Study Mixed media, Color pencil primarily.
Messenger to the King
Book of Lore about a Grumpuss
Young Sir Ellery & boyhood friend - Sir Ellery finds animals love and trust him Mixed media airbrush, watercolor & colored pencils.
Drawn in Illustrator in Vector lines
Illustration for Cal State University promoting Biology Graduate Studies Program Original art was airbrushed on illustration board and scanned in for print
Digital - Landscape - Photoshop Illustration
Illustration for Real Estate Development Upclose - Airbrush Graphics stripped in by Color House at film stage.
Frontspiece Illustration for Real Estate Developer Illustration for Public Fund investment, hand painted with translucent paint and acrylic "liquid leading" over safety glass and backlit during photography, using a soft lens. 40x30" approximate size
Unique Illustration of Map and Graphs for Brochure - Handpainted on glass and backlit, shot with a soft lens to capture the look of illuminated stained glass. Note the superior printing of the crossover through the middle of this illustration. Service provided by Ink Spot, Ontario, California
Breyer Toy Horse - Digital Illustration - PhotoShop - 300dpi Spot Illustration to demonstrate strong lighting
Sinister Spider Robot - Character Development Photoshop
Character Concept - Digital - Closeup of head for new character design Created in Photoshop
Dancing monkey motif
Froggy Expressions for Product Motif
Froggy Friends on Sunshades - Motif dye sublimated on light polyester fabric for use on roller sun shades for children market.
Glamour Touch-up with a before and after assignment in the use of PhotoShop.
This is an exercise in composition using various images and merging them cohesively and seamlessly together. The sky was my own photography.
Another great exercise in composition using various images and merging them cohesively and seamlessly together - I like robots
Santa Figurine Concept
Santa's Deer Opens His Gift: Figurine Concept
Laughing Baby Pencil Study for Greeting Card
Classic Robot Concept Review - Research drawing in creating custom but classic looking vintage robot for toy design
Figural Planter Concept for Outdoor or Indoor Planter. Additional look for sculpture with interior lighting
3D modeling,shading, texturing and lighting MAYA 2014

Colored Pencil Spot Illustration


Freelance, Full-time
Linda Snyder