Original art hand painted on safty glass with craft stained glass paints & leading. This was the frontspiece for a promotional brochure presenting a publicly funded project. We back lit it and shot it with a soft lens prior to color separations and printing
Original art hand painted on safty glass with craft stained glass paints & leading. This was a representational map and graph info treatment for a brochure for a public fund; these are approximately 36" x 28" We back lit it and shot it with a soft lens prior to color separations and printing
Mosaic based on a screen play and soon to come book, "Morningstone," written by Travis Pike, and commissioned by him and his wife, Judy Pike. link: www.morningstone.com See more about this rich Celtic Tale and hear also, Travis' original music at: www.morningstone.com Materials: Ceramic and glass tile as well as abalone seashell. Approximately 42"Tall by 32" Wide
Closeup of finished Owl
The owl under construction. She is a principal character in Travis Pike's "MorningStone." For more details from Travis's fantasy/altered-realtity story, see his tale and also his orginial music at: www.morningstone.com
Illustration for mosaic concept per directed by Mr. Travis E. Pike, commissioner of art for OtherWorld Cottage in Los Angeles, CA.
Ready to be added to the main mosaic, the lower right-hand leaves have been composed and glued to their backing, soon to be grouted.
Note the size and scale of the Baryonyx skull, and this is just a teenager!
Baryonyx was identified and added to new discovered dinosaurs in the late 80s. It was a swimmer, wader and eater of mainly fish. Its teeth were discovered mainly scattered about England and were long thought to be from ancient crocodiles. This and the foreleg (up to the shoulder) were commissioned by Travis and Judy Pike in low-relief sculpture. It is 1:1 ratio to a young Baryonyx (45" x 36"). I sculpted the stone over green board with stucco and the Baryonyx is made of MagicSculpt. It is securely bolted to the wall studs which add to its authentic and museum-quality display.
Stone is completed and the dinosaur bone to be sculpted is drawn in pencil
MagicSculpt is applied, shown here. Tinfoil shapes conserves material and helps control finished weight of the wall hanging as well as providing some shape and maintainence of a the desired depth of the sculpting work.
Low-relief sculpture of lower arm of a Baryonyx Dinosaur. Commissioner of this art, Travis Pike, was inspired to have this art created when he discovered the great similarity to the potentially fore runners of his own proud creation, "LongGrin,' which you can learn more about at: www.long-grin.com Sculpture is created on green-board backing, approximately 3'x4', first the rock surface was sculpted and shaped using Quickset motar, then the bones were sculpted using MagicSculpt.
Dried and ready for final surface preparation, painting and top coat.
Stain Glass Art Concept for Honolul International Airport: 34 panels 60"H x 48" wide Inspiration art of native tales and myths included as reference.and authenticity in treatment of subject and objectives. Final project eliminated the imagery but retained much of the dynamic flows of molten lava in golden yellows. Concepts prepared for UltaGlas Inc.

Original Glass Art Concept Brochure - interior map page (left) and side panel (right) as new graph presentation.

Created using glass paint and hand-piped looks-like caning on safety glass.

Backlight and shot with a No. 2 soft lens

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