After concept design which I designed and Illustrated, was approved, specs are made for suggested assembly, size and color treatments for costing and manufacturing evaluation. Designer for NJ Croce
Early concept for a self-unfolding car sunshade by Kevin Kenny. I created the diagrams for sales presentations and engineers to review.
Mechanical Drawing for Utility Patent & Engineer Direction
Diagram Drawing for Electrolyzer Setup Concept - Technical diagram drawings for publication
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Wrist Bubbler Design Specs - Innovative Wrist Bubbler Bracelet with interior design prior to tooling prototype
Fairykin Doll Picnic Basket - Specs and drawings created to diagram the construction for a doll accessory
Patterns for Manufacturer of Toy Product - Patterns created for production of new line of toy horse blankets
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Proposal for Uncle Milton Toys Canvas Wrap - Uncle Milton requested a canvas wrap-around to fit an existing metal frame booth for trade shows. Requested the canvas not buckle and was to be kept taut for their product presentation. The
Rain Gear for 1-6 Year Old Little Girls - Concept for Flower Fairy in fanciful rain gear. Upgrades include LEDs in boots and umbrella for safety in low light and dark conditions outdoors.
Fingerbubblers - Specs for Manufacture
Accessories for Toy Horse - Concept art with dimensional and color recommendations for costing estimates overseas. Sculpted overseas from drawings and shot in PVC material. Final Set sold thru Mervyn Stores in USA and in international toy markets.

Fisherman's Dream Clock Concept
with suggested assembly for manufacture

Working Pendulum

Designed for NJ Croce Inc.

Freelance, Full-time
Linda Snyder