My approach to color palette development blends research, product functionality, and style. This is an example of outdoor industry color trend research.
Once I have a general direction, it is time to dig into the Pantone books to choose specific colors and understand how they work together.
When choosing colors for specific products, functionality and style are important to consider. In the case of these natural rubber dog toys, the colors are rich, playful, and highly visible. The multi-color effect lends visual interest to the simple shapes, and reduces B grade product by hiding imperfections.
Seasonal color palettes are finalized and carefully adhered to for a consistent brand image.
I have a collection mindset: ensure that products intended to be used together, look good together. That includes making sure that color is coordinated and consistent.
I also manage the technical side of color. From communicating seasonal color palettes to factories, to approving lab dips (pictured here), to making sure that the final bulk materials are the correct color.
Color palette development

Color palette development methodology and application in outdoor products

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