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Logo and product name
3D Packaging models
Packaging design
Advertising Poster 1
Advertising poster 2
Advertising poster 3
Trymix Logo
Berry Booster advertisement
Citrux Explosion advertisement
Screw your Driver advertisement
Trymix advertisement
Trymix advertisement
Product Design

1: Development of fictional pharmaceutical product for DIPLOMA University.
Concept: A single pharmaceutical product solution against the discomforts of a hangover. Logo, branding and full product design was created to mimic a real product.
USP: No comparable product is currently marketed specifically to treat hangovers even though they are a common "condition". 3 promotional posters were also created to help positioning the product, humor being the main appeal. Please note: content is entirely fictional as the product was developed for a university project.
2: Product concept & development of a new beverage (digital dummy). Ready-mixed Cocktails "Trymix" created with a modern and fresh style to appeal to a young target market.
USP: Its sassy and colorful appearance, as well as interesting flavors.

Lisa Machado
Graphic Design & Marketing Zürich, Switzerland