Two Way Radio - This project was sponsored by SNAP TOYS, a company that designs and manufactures branding and licensing toys, for companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar. The objective was to design a two way radio for children. The radio would run on four AA batteries and would come in a set of at least two.
Two Way Radio2 - Hand studies were done to ensure that the proportions of twoway radio toy were small enough for children’s hands. Due to the observation in the case study the original proportions of the toy were scaled down to ergonomic standards for adolescent's hands.
Two way radio4 - A mock up was done of the final concept showing sticker branding placement and mechanical operation. Various color concepts were also developed based on the color branding scheme for the target project, A Bug’s Life.
Two Way Radio
Lei-Loni G
Industrial Design Pompano Beach, FL