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USB Drive - USB drive built and rendered in Solidworks then tweaked with Photoshop.
RC Truck - From the initial concepts to the 3D printing, this Remote Control Tractor Trailer was designed on top of an existing chassis. After all the concept sketches, line drawings and marker renderings this design was built in SolidWorks. The body was then created using the 3D printer, all 3+ feet of it The image here was rendered in Solidworks and then further massaged using Photoshop.
Patio Chair - This design took 3rd place in a contest sponsored by leading outdoor furniture manufacturer, Pride Family Brands. Dozens of sketches were narrowed down to a design similar to this one. It was then built and rendered in Solidworks. The final presentation to the customer was completed using Illustrator and Photoshop. Part of the presentation is shown here. Ironically, the customer preferred the second to last iteration of the design better then this one which cost me 2nd place in the contest.
Shower Radio
Shower Radio
Freelance, Full-time
Lawrence Midlarsky
Royal Palm Beach, FL