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Logo created for Case Study Coffee Roasters
Promotional poster for new cafe opening
Cafe event flyer custom type
"hand drawn" logo sticker design
Color mock-up for unused sticker design
"Hi-Fidelity Coffee" 3 mug series
"Hi-Fidelity" 3 mug collector set
"Hi-Fidelity" mug back side
"Hi-Fidelity" mug turntable
"Hi-Fidelity" mug reel to reel
"Hi-Fidelity" mug tapedeck
Circle logo coffee mug
5-pannel camper hat front
5 pannel camper hat back
Gift card
Travel mug
Black letter shirt
Reel to reel "Hi-Fidelity" shirt and circle logo zip-up hoodie
Reel to reel "Hi-Fidelity" shirt back
Circle logo zip-up hoodie back
Laser etched coffee info display
Hot foil stamp and hand labeled coffee bag
Hand drawn menu boards
Laser etched custom type
Hand drawn sign for an event
Old coffee menu
Newest coffee menu
Seasonal special menus
Chalk pen on chalk paint A-frame
Hand labeled coffee bean jars
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Case Study Coffee

Projects and work for Case Study Coffee Roasters.

Freelance, Full-time
Loren Chin
Graphic Designer and Typographer Portland, OR