Red Swallowtail Photography is the name of my friend's photography business. She photographs mostly of butterflies, and the red swallowtail is one of her favorites. The green and hazel colors on the wings represent her eye colors. She has heterochromia, which is the presence of different colored eyes in the same person.
LivingWell is the name of my current employer's wellness committee. I was asked to create a new logo that would represent the committee and its mission to help employees reach their goals in overall wellness.
Sweet Home Bakery is a home baking business I do on the side. I only create decorative sugar cookies for family and friends. I was going for a primitive, down-home feel as my side gig's image.
Alexandria Elaine Fowler is my 10-year-old daughter. After she was born, I've decided to create her own special logo. I wanted to use her initials in a fun, playful manner. Pink is her favorite color, and the circle is a simple shape that worked well with the lowercase letters.

These are some logos I have done either for myself or for actual use.

Lori Fowler
Graphic Designer Morgantown, WV