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My first Lego advertisement board. This was my first board I did for the 'Projects and Prototypes' unit in first year.
This was a re-work from my first board. Our assignment was to re-make it later on in first year so that it would get a higher mark. I decided to make the product and board a lot more suiting to Lego's brand. I included 'for life's little clean-ups' so that the mother can relate this to messy lego bricks, as well as sticky hands.
General Assembly drawing for when I prototyped my product in first year workshop.
100ml Bottle Project

I designed 100ml travel bottle, for a brand and market of our choice. I Choose LEGO as a brand as it was easily identifiable to a chip because of it's distinct style. I thought, every mother & child would see this advertisement - the child would see the fun, playfulness of the lego bottle, and the mum would see the sanitiser which cleans and protects their child whilst travelling.

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Louis Ernest
Design Post Graduate Rugby, United Kingdom