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My product the LOOK Clip 'n' Go, will be aimed at 16-25 year olds who commute to work, university or school, and who cycle socially. It's selling point is that it's removable yet can also be worn for the whole day as it's stylish and desirable. Other features include, a screwless assembly, a rubber easy-access button and removable batteries.
The PCB that I modelled in solid works, from taking measurements from the actual PCB we were given.
A representation of the bike attachment. It will be made from a solid singular piece of ABS with an elastic cable to hold it in place - no screws, no hassle.
My finished functional prototype of the bike light. Made from 4mm HIPS, using vacuum forming and fabrication.
The products LED's have 3 settings, and are made brighter by a mirrored lens.
Functioning PCB that I also made during workshop time.
Bike Light Project

Our brief was to design a bike light for a market of our choice. We had to also produce a Product Design Specification and a General Assembly drawing, aswell as configure the electronics inside the bike light.

Louis Ernest
Design Post Graduate Rugby, United Kingdom