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A website banner I designed for a company called 'Ecotainment'. This was a volunteered role.
This was my first real picture i made on photoshop. From about 6 different images (backgrounds, buildings, brushes, sky, and animals) I managed to make this scene of squirrels attacking London Bridge.
A tribute to the olympics I made, which carries a message about sexual orientation and sexism. I used spray paints and various layers to create Usain Bolt running in high heel shoes.
This was the first man on the moon accompanied with a Henry Hoover. I edited the background levels too, and added shadows.
A quick sketch I did on my phone with a sketching app.
A monopoly money ATM that I edited on Photoshop.
A boat floating on a cloud in space, developing my photoshop skills.
Photoshop & Various Graphics

Just messing around whilst testing my skills on photoshop and other mediums, illustrating what i can do.

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Louis Ernest
Design Post Graduate Rugby, United Kingdom