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A re-worked board, showing it in a simpler setting with an easier to understand layout. I made this board after I received constructive critisism from my tutor, advising me where improvements could be made.
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My finished spoon design, which features a roof over the spoon which limits spillage with shaky hands.
Here is my first board showing the product in use, showing scale & context whilst explaining the additional features that each separate utensil has.
My poster summarising my research through my design process. You can see how I made it from A to B, and how I developed ideas to refine the result.
My General Assembly of the knife utensil which I'm currently making in my workshop.
Utensil Project

A second year brief that told us to design a utensil (or set) for one of three markets - I chose Inclusive design for the elderly, and aimed my product at people with Parkinsons, (The Bournemouth Parkinsons Group) as I knew from previous research they had a problem with grip. I made a research poster showing conclusions and the design process I took when creating this tool.

Louis Ernest
Design Post Graduate Rugby, United Kingdom