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Here is our product in use in the swimming pool. Here we can see how the child rests on it. We chose to adopt Speedo as a brand because they didn't previously have any real market for kids and we believed this would be an exciting path for them to pursue.
This board shows how our 'FLOAT' works, and it's capabilities in the water. We explained different material choices and showed the awardable badge system which encourages children to progress.
This board elaborates on how the floats are removable, and how the buoyancy reduces until the child is able to swim without the float. Poor swimming technique will be corrected in a few weeks after using our product.
Water Project

This was our first Second year project. Here we worked in groups to design a product related to water. It was a very loose brief which gave us lots of scope for imagination. We decided to come up with a float aimed at children to help them gain confidence in the pool. The float would have adjustable buoyancy and improve their technique and independence when swimming.

Louis Ernest
Design Post Graduate Rugby, United Kingdom