Come Fly With Me - Already at the prototype stage, this design was exhibited at the Singapore International Furniture Fair. I thought it was really fun to sit on. Really. I don't know about you, but it is something you have to try to know what I am talking about. The design has yet to be realised as a mass produced item, and is only available as a one-off prototype
Come Fly With Me poster - The designs are companion pieces to my original work. The smaller petal shaped pieces are designed to be made from PP or Fibreglass, to serve as a 'shell' for seat cushions. It is meant to be a playful single version of the original. The low table comes with a mirror table top and spins over the chair/bed. I intend to use it as a table for my laptop or food and drinks or something. No prototype of the "cushion shells" and spinning table has been produced as yet.
The Grotto Dreambath - Open Bathroom Concept with Modular units. Make the most of a brief moment's respite in the bath with this system. This design is purely conceptual. No model was ever made.
A Blade Of Grass - This fibreglass chair was developed around the theme 'Green'. I was interested in trying to capture what the color means emotionally, without the use of any color. For me, green is lively in a strong yet subtle way. To capture the vitality and life I expressed it through the play with surface and line details. Green was also a relaxing color for me, hence the backing of the chair was made tall to support the head, and curved inward to create a 'hammock' feel that is comforting and relaxing.
Rendered Sketch - Here I use experimental sketches to communicate an energetic emotion, with the successful ones eventually serving as a starting point for a full scale (car) interior concept. This was the starting point of a collaborative project (in NUS) with BMW DesignWorks.
Interior image for ZEST - A selection of images for the interior model. This was a pair work with my studio mate Priscilla Pan.
Kuroi coffee table - This round, pebble-shaped coffee table was down as part of a design module with Swarovski Crystals. Team members involved in the design are Jane Hia and Loh Chia Shee. The table has a free articulating ebony table top that swings out to reveal a storage space in the table. For all the items such as magazines, papers, snacks, etc. Embeded in a graphic pattern are very small Swarovski crystals that appears to creep out from the storage area, enticing users to explore it.
Hairtech - This hairdryer was designed for the male market. The intent was to simplify the function, while keeping a powerful, toy-ish, almost weapon like aesthetic. Sleek and simple is the look I was aiming for. Whether it was successful, well, is up to you to decide! This design is purely conceptual, no prototype was made.
Modern Symbols - This set of Jewelry (Ear Studs, Ring/Pendent, Cuff links, Tie Clip) was part of a school design project for RISIS Singapore. The designs were derived from latticework found on traditional carved windows. A little cheesy ( Yes i know...), I tried to have the jewels act as symbolic 'windows' to the soul, just to carry on the RISIS 'tradition' of having 'a story' behind every single product. A model of the pendent and ear studs are available.
eBigPigture - Series of polymer clay figurines for the NTU Visual Arts Club Bazaar. All the thumbsize piggies figurines are handmade and unique. A total of over 80 figurines of different designs were produced and sold.
Red Table - This piece of furniture was design to be convertible into a makeshift mahjong table. For games during the Lunar New Year. This design is purely conceptual. No prototype has yet to be made.
University Portfolio
Low Lin Kiat
Marketing Executive Singapore, Singapore