Lisa Tennant Art website built in Drupal 8 is still a work in progress. Built as an out-of-the-box Drupal site, it takes advantage of what Drupal has to offer without much extra code except for some CSS working with the chosen Theme which is W3CSS Theme for Drupal 8 & 9 by flashwebcenter. It takes advantage of the w3schools easy CSS grid framework which is simpler than Bootstrap. The site was meant to be kept simple to allow the artwork to be the star, be more data-driven using Drupal's content types, become an art authority site and act as an affiliate site. E-commerce is attached through a menu link to a POD site. Future plans for the site is to bring more to the home page, better arrangement of the gallery through it's taxonomy categories, and possibly support a monetized workshop section of the business. Hand-coded "Jumbotron" block type were added to several pages taking advantage of the w3css library as part of the theme. The theme is a fully-responsive site.
Dr. Seuss Prototype "Seuss Sounds". Originally a Flash based interactive piece, the concept is for a tablet for children's learning and entertainment. Each Set of instruments plays a sound (created by the designer's family, including the Yell -A- Phone.) Hand illustrated and finished in Adobe Illustrator and Animate. Characters inspired by Dr. Seuss.
Lake Wales Dental Group website
Hand-coded in HTML5 and CSS3 the site provides a feed in link to a third-party set of educational videos. Art Direction, background art, logo, photo editing and illustrated maps. Adobe Brackets for hand-coding. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Open Doors Responsive Design website
Hand-coded in HTML5 and CSS with responsive design and a JavaScript rotating slideshow, this simple website focuses on services for special education advocacy. It is a brief introduction to the advocate and serves to distribute information to parents who want to help their children succeed in school.
Variations of the site—Desktop, tablet, and mobile
Art Chat
Built on the Drupal Content Management System platform.
Lisa R. Tennant Illustration Portfolio Site.
This live site focuses on showing a variety of work in several categories for the purpose of securing representation. Hand-coded site is built on a grid system with a JavaScript mouse over feature. All Illustrations are original.
WordPress Demo and Resources Site for FTC Web Graphics students
Sketchbook website
Hand-coded as a demo for updated CSS techniques.
Young Teen Ministry (YTM) website Grunge layout
Prototype features events and about the ministry, maps, and downloadable widgets. Clickable buttons to change the CSS from grunge to modern "Tree of Life" theme layouts. Hand-coded in XHTML, CSS, PHP
ACME Widget Fictitious Website. Humor gets injected into this spoof business product site. Based in Walla Walla, WA, the ACME Inc. Widget has a history of it's product, amusing testimonials, and variations on the Widget products available including the "Chia" Widget and "Historical" Widget showing an image of Stonehenge. We don't know exactly what the Widget actually does, but consumers swear by it!
Hand-coded in XHTML, CSS and various programming techniques including cgi, JavaScript, PHP, XML
Web and Interactive

Hand-coded and CMS websites and projects using a variety of technological methods and programing such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Drupal

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