Capture180 - The Capture camera takes in a 180 degree hemisphere of image and stores information outside of the standard letterbox as metadata within each shot. Using position sensors, the camera's viewfinder can later become a living window into a still moment in time. Images can be recomposed long after they're shot... you can take a photo of fireworks and later turn to see the faces of the people sitting next to you. Unlock your photos and see what you've been missing.
Early sketching
Stills from video
Concept Camera: Capture180

This concept investigates new ways to capture and view photographs. The central premise is a camera that captures an extremely wide-angle scene, but only shows a small un-warped portion of the image that looks like a regular photograph. The extra information in the photograph can be accessed later, allowing the image to be repositioned, cropped down or up, or allowing the user to "look around" in a virtual window experience.

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Lucas Ainsworth
UX and Industrial Designer at Intel Labs Santa Clara, CA