Immersion - see video samples at: (original photo: Allie Henze,
Fall Creek Lighting - Leaves of light sprout and grow into a bright summer canopy, or drop and slide down the wall to create an inviting winter glow. see video samples at: (couch photo: Dave Austria)
stills from a Fall Creek light cycle.
Stone Garden (interaction) - see video samples at:
Beyond the trees - The effect is theoretically achieved by applying a modular circuit-board film to the walls and ceiling, then covering it with electroluminescent paint. This would create a low resolution light display that is more robust and affordable than competing technology (such as a wall-covering OLED display.) see video samples at:
Concept Lighting: Fall Creek

This project explores theoretical opportunities presented by electroluminescent paint used to make a low-resolution light display

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Lucas Ainsworth
UX and Industrial Designer at Intel Labs Santa Clara, CA