Web-based UI is broadcast directly from the Galileo, allowing real-time electronic tinkering without coding or connecting to a computer.
Connect AnyThing

Researched, invented, and led interdisciplinary development of an open-source software tool, “ConnectAnyThing,” shortlisted for the IXDA Interaction Awards, Empowering category.

ConnectAnyThing turns an Intel Galileo into a powerful tool for novices to tinker and build with electronics. The tool introduces central concepts of micro-controllers: input, output, analog and digital, through a visual UI that scaffolds into coding and more advanced projects.

Leveraging the Linux capabilities of the Galileo board, ConnectAnyThing broadcasts a Wi-Fi-hotspot and control webpage. Through this webpage, users can see inputs change in real-time, directly control the output pins, or calibrate sensors and map relationships between sensors and actuators from their mobile phone.

ConnectAnyThing underpinned much of Intel's educational outreach for Galileo in K-12, with workshops and curriculum built in partnership with Sparkfun Electronics, Intel Computer Clubhouses, and the San Jose Tech Gyrls.

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Lucas Ainsworth
UX and Industrial Designer at Intel Labs Santa Clara, CA