Elly - Build-your-own walking cardboard animals. This environmentally conscious and nonviolent toy comes as a puzzle/kit and assembles without glue or adhesive in about 30 minutes. By turning an internal crank or external winder, each animal walks and moves it's head in a organic and realistic gait. Check out the blurb on coolhunting.com: http://www.coolhunting.com/archives/2009/02/toy_fair_roundu_1.php To see a video demonstration, please visit www.lucasainsworth.com
Kickstarter going live... - yikes!
Kickstarter going live... - yikes!
Kinetic Creatures

Kinetic creatures are walking cardboard animal kits that tackle a beautiful design challenge, making complex mechanics accessible through a fold-up, tab-and-slot design. Originally motivated by a “design from manufacturing” opportunity, combining analog rule-die manufacturing with modern prototyping and design tools, these kits have been featured in prominent design and education publications and are sold through several online and boutique retail shops in the US.

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Lucas Ainsworth
UX and Industrial Designer at Intel Labs Santa Clara, CA