In flight - My own 12m design, currently undergoing testing and refinement.
Snowkites - My own 12m design. This kite was built entirely from commonly available materials, right down to the sprinkler-pipe control bar.
Modeling - Designed with Foilmaker
Wing profile sewn between the layers
Bomber seams - Seams and bridle attachment points are similar to those used in paragliders.
Bridle refinement - Short flying handles for quick tests
Flight control lines - This set-up is made from easily available materials, and includes features found in the best professionally manufactured kites. Features: chicken-loop emergency release, emergency de-power release, in-flight power adjustment (adjustable angle of attack), in-flight sheeting adjustment, easy-grab brakes, and elastic-cords for easy line management at the end of the kite session.
8.4m NASA parawing - The great things about NASA Parawing kites: they're light, they pack down small, and they pull hard for their size. However, NPWs have a smaller wind range and generally lower performance than airfoil kites. This kite is great for backcountry ski trips.
8.4m NASA parawing - This kite has plenty of power to ski straight up a mountain, then pack the kite in and ski down.
Love of flying
Lucas Ainsworth
UX and Industrial Designer at Intel Labs Santa Clara, CA