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UNIKIA launches the first "Lazy Suzan" in market designed for fridges. We turn a traditional product into an innovative complement to your kitchen.
Strengthen the perception of Kitchen+Innovation as an innovative brand.
More innovation to the day-to-day people activities
First rotatable tray thought for a better use of space inside the fridge.
Revitalize an old product that was in disuse.
To develop a reinterpretation of the well-known "Lazy Suzan", that stands up from the others for its technology, functional innovation and contemporary aesthetic.
First rotatable tray specifically designed for refrigerators, which maximizes space and lets user easily reach any item. It is composed by three plastic parts and a silicone anti-slip ring. Its assembly is straightforward and simple, and once mounted all the screws remain hidden.
On the inside It incorporates a unique rotation system in the common rotating tables, making it the first "Lazy Suzan" 100% noiseless.

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