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SANITARY BIN // 2014 //

Higienical Mart, a Spanish company manufacturer of hygienic devices for the disinfection of spaces, had a country distribution channel, but the fact of not having their own range of products meant a lack of brand identity, difficulties for a national consolidation and limited the chances to export.

We designed a collection made up by a bacteriostatic and a sanitary container. These products must have a pure and avant-garde aesthetic that would define the product line of the company in the future, a well resolved usability and also incorporate new functions that could be patented.

Manual opening or automatic with sensor.
Maximum use of space.
Disinfection system on the inside.
Reduced investment in molds by 30%.

- The new collection allowed the company to start exporting to America, Europe and Asia.
- Interesting sales agreements were settled with the airport’s industry.

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