Love Me - A personal work i did fro the Perpect on Paper III exhibit. This work is very much inspired by James Jean.
Flying Alphabets - A personal artwork for the Tubodfest exhibit. This is a collaboration with photographer Aldo Banaynal.
Swimming to Dream - this was for my Multiply header, found here:
Reigning Childhood - wish i could go back to my childhood years...
The Olsens - just playing around with their photo :)
Too Long A Wait - an wrtwork i made for the Perfect On Paper art exhibit.
Going White - totally unfinished! hahahaha!
Palot - that's ME!
Rabid Glimpse - a little sketch i made which ended up on an art exhibit. sweet.
Bad TV - when did reality became tv?
Untittled - everything done in photoshop!
Flower Fish Princess - just got so inspired by fellow artist i see in the net :)
Immature - done in watercolor, finishing touches in PS.
Sweet - 2006. done in watercolor, finishing touches in PS.
Raptured Sound - 2007.done in watercolor, finishing touches in PS.
Hopeful Eyes - A sketch i made for a personal project i;m working on.
Personal Works
Lucille Umali
Senior Graphic Designer Cebu City, Philippines