Mood board generating a theme of colours, materials and spacial design
Display Board Presented to the client (teachers and children) showing the materials pallet, the colour scheme and visuals of how the space would be divided by the landscape garden floor plan. The organic circles create different zones throughout the atrium defining quiet spaces, learning areas and places group activities.
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The sectional visual at the bottom shows the lantern idea that was developed earlier in the project through model making. The paper lanterns would be adjustable and move to different heights around the atrium. The silhouettes in the lanterns would be made by the children, and could be adjusted depending on the season or current topics the school are celebrating. They mirror the design that is on the floor, with the pillars creating a clear walkway through each zone. The idea is for this design to resemble a magical garden, with secret areas, more secluded areas and in contrast open spaces that really allow the children to bond with the space.
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A close up of the section showing the lanterns above the pillars that create each circle and semi circle. The aim was to have an interchangeable space that would allow children to use the space for school assemblies as well as learning areas, so the design was intentionally minimal in terms of using simple shapes, with areas for larger groups.
Atrium Live Project For Woodlands Primary School in Grimsby

Woodlands Primary School offered our course the opportunity to redesign the atrium in their newly built primary school. The experience was extremely beneficial, from surveying the space, to working with the children to create a space that would not only meet the brief, but be an inspiring and exciting place for the children to learn in.

Lucy Parker
Interior Architect Student Lincoln, United Kingdom