Atmospheric Moodpboard Showing the Neolithic Rock Carvings Found in Northumberland (Where Credence is Based)
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Potential Sketch Design
Potential idea of using the local areas such as Lindisfarne Castle, as a decorative element. In this drawing I had the idea of creating a glass void to be able to see into the stand, with the three outlines etched into the glass.
Front Elevation and Plan showing textures and layout.
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Collection of inspirational collages and hand drawn ideas
Final visuals showing the design in a festival scene, both night and day.
Credence Brewery Microbrewery Pop-Up Design

A project brief for a proposed micro brewery design was presented to our course, as a I've project with a potential to have the design created. The objective was to use a small shipping container, and transform it to a stand that could promote the newly established brand, as well as selling the product.
It was challenging working with such a limited space, however I found the overall experience really enjoyable.
I won a prize for the best visual, due to capturing at atmospheric image showing the brewery stand in a festival scene.

Lucy Parker
Interior Architect Student Lincoln, United Kingdom