Monks Abbey Ruin Viewing Gallery

The Monks Abbey situated in Lincoln is a 11th century ruin consisting of only three walls.
Due to the ruin being only metres away from a primary school, and council houses I
decided that to make this design bring the community together.

The immediate surroundings were a bowling green, a basketball court used by teenagers and a park where young children and families visit.

Instead of creating a space with a new
function, I decided to link the area together by creating a viewing gallery. The ambition was for this space to be accessible for those watching their children play football, or mothers wanting to catch up
over a coffee whilst their children play in the park or the elderly using the lockers and cafe during their afternoon bowl. This space would simply enhance the
already existing space by giving the people using the area a space where they would appreciate the surroundings, be sheltered from the weather and appreciate the original architecture of the Abbey.

Lucy Parker
Interior Architect Student Lincoln, United Kingdom