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bonsai coffee table

Bonsai coffee table emerges as an example of its characteristic design. This coffee table is inspired in the bonsai adapted to interior furniture.The Moyogi, lineage of bonsai with erect, informal appearance and elegant movement united with the delicate, angular forms of Swarovski crystals, results in a harmonious and extremely slender game.Made from an unique piece in high gloss lacquered aluminum that gives it a glamorous and rare side, BONSAI coffee “grows” from the root to a size (such as 1000x500x650mm) as if it was the evolve of the natural plant.The high gloss lacquered aluminum melted with the poetic form of the bonsai and the imaginary, angular forms of Swarovski crystals assures that your living room will not be forgotten.

Luis Branco
Industrial Designer Porto, Portugal