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The main component for the bench was made out of an oil drum that I got from a warehouse that were just throwing these away. Even the cut off was recycled to be the backrest of the bench.
A photo showing the bench in its final stages.
Examples of some graffiti on the bench.
I tell my former class mates add their own graffiti to the bench as well as tagging their names to make more interesting and make it seem like it has some history to it.
Sustainability Project

For my final project during my foundation year I got the opportunity to write my own brief for a 6 week project.

I decided to look into sustainability and recycling. I started by collecting various materials that could be turned into potential products. After coming up with a number of concept designs using the materials i scavenged I decided to make a bench.

Everything you can see from the photos has been recycled apart from the rivets and the spray paint used for the graffiti.

Lukas Dambrauskas
BA/Bsc Product Designer at Bournemouth University London, United Kingdom