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Bunker 17/5001


The association "Berliner Bunkernetzwerke" (BBN) is planning to open the bunker for the public and cooperated with students of the Institute of Media and Design of the Technical University Braunschweig to design a new museum complex.


During our research about the building the system of distincitve operating mode of the building seemed a interesting starting point. The new museum complex visualizes the most extreme mode which would have been used en the case of a nuclear fall out. During this mode the building would run hermetically sealed autarchic for 36 hours to protect the innermost circle of government representatives.
Air spheres on top of the four air shafts of the original bunker visualize the contrast of oxygen demand and the technical endurance of the structure. The soft and light shapes of the air spheres contrast the rectangular massive shape of the original bunker. Their shapes and positions reminiscent the shafts´ functions.

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Lukas Adrian Jurk
Platform and Concept Designer Eindhoven, Netherlands